Managed Freight Base-Plan & Custom service offerings

Our Goal

To streamline a mature logistics service that provides not only experienced representatives but a plethora of technological influence.Therefore, allowing partnering success by positioning your organization to reduce fixed-cost and increase efficiency all while offering direct communication to decision makers when needed.

3PL Service vs. Managed Service

There is a significant difference in the services in relating from our current offers as a brokerage than our full-service managed freight initiative.

Due to visibility, anticipation, and preparation DCL will source our availability directly to provide consistency within your freight budget. By sourcing more than 40,000 qualified carriers, DCL offers a long-term solution to identify dedicated carriers and triangulate continuous movements for consistent and overall freight efficiency.

Comparison Chart


Our TMS delivers access to our customers to manage all related orders when needed. To preference, customers contain the ability to enter orders, manage rates, acquire status of shipments, print off BOL’s, alongside many other capabilities – streamlining an aware relationship of all efforts between customers and representative.

Base-Plan / Custom service Offerings

DCL’s managed freight initiative can be executed to the customers preference of service. Our overall goal is to streamline a convenient partnership that best fits our customers needs.

  •   In-house / On-Site representative
  •   Cost – Service Model
  •   Budget based freight management

Our Promise

Every Shipment / On Time / Every Time / No Matter What