During the good ol’ school years, we were all given the task of creating outlines before writing and turning in papers. Often the outlines were required before you took the next step to approve your introductory paragraph. The joy. Although hated during the time, these outlines created an overall visual to ensure that your plan was completely organized, leading to a stress-free writing experience. As the years pass, these outlines are now personally referred to many as a plan of development.

– – –

A plan of development acts as a strategic map in your paper that allows you to map out and guide the reader through your paper to present the basis of your research

The Direct Connect Logistix, Inc. (DCL) team maps out and continuously evaluates development plans for new and existing customers for cost-effective, efficient, and consistent freight solutions

– – –

In 2018, Direct Connect Logistix, Inc. (DCL) year can be outlined with one simple concept of development. Ending the year, DCL increased overall business revenue by 67%. With the point of emphasis being development, DCL outlined a specific plan to develop in all departments of our company, which eventually led to the end goal of increasing revenue. At the start of 2018, DCL’s headquarters moved to the corner of Michigan and Senate to a new office space with nearly 70 active employees – by the end of 2018 we surpassed our goal. DCL hired and trained over 70 new employees with plans to expand business into a second location, showing our extreme growth and advancement as a logistics provider.

To further demonstrate DCL’s development plan, we focused on the long-term partnerships with carriers.This resulted in the addition of 65 carriers per day. Our carrier business plan is to triangulate business; to not only align front-haul and back-hauls but to also consistently build re-occurring routes and consistent business for carrier partners. With the development and growth of our carrier sales team at DCL within the 70 new hires here, our base has drastically increased to over 40,000 registered carrier partners – providing our available services to Business to Business (B2B) manufacturers. Due to the increase in carriers, DCL hungers for new business, delivering not only to our customers, but our pre-qualified carrier base as well!

With all our recent success DCL outlines daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly development goals that will continue to push our logistics plans forward for both customer and carrier partners. As we begin 2019, we can only look forward to furthering DEVELOPMENT with anticipation of office expansion and employee growth similar, if not greater, to last year’s accomplishments.

Direct Connect Logistix, Inc. (DCL) does our job to provide visual for existing customers (as to how DCL can map out an advanced logistics strategy that develops production for Business to Business (B2B) manufacturers and maintains inventory and stock for their customers. All while providing consistent and frequent business to our extended carrier base while DCL develops long-term relationships to provide trustworthy and effective business.