Intermodal solutions are an economical alternative for flexible shipments. As a trusted leader in transportation, we can offer the most cost-effective shipping solutions in the industry. DCL ensures secure, timely and flawless deliveries for every intermodal shipment. When you choose us, you enlist the services of our highly knowledgeable team of intermodal freight specialists, who oversee your shipment from pickup to delivery. Rest assured, your valuable cargo is in the hands of our committed team who leave no room for compromise.


Intermodal shipping is a logistics strategy combining the use of both truck and rail to move shipments that can be transported in containers, which can seamlessly move between different modes of transportation. Unlike other shipping methods, intermodal freight transport consistently delivers lower costs while upholding a commitment as a reliable shipping solution.

In an industry in which long-term success relies on consistency, efficiency and safety, intermodal shipping offers a valuable solution for businesses, allowing them to enhance their profit margins while avoiding substantial trade-offs.

Cost Savings

Intermodal shipping is on average more affordable than other forms of freight transportation.


By using rail, intermodal shipping is a greener way to ship, which is a major factor for many companies placing emphasis on sustainability.


You can trust that your intermodal shipments will arrive on time consistently to deliver a high volume of goods.


Intermodal shipping methods offer companies access to rail even when their own facilities don’t have tracks directly to their door.


Experience the DCL difference with our unbeatable experience and well-established relationships with major rail lines. Our valued customers benefit from our incredibly competitive rates on intermodal pricing. We continually invest in integrated technologies to provide customers with consistent visibility on their shipments. Our innovative technology platform delivers a seamless experience, revolutionizing shipment tracking with unparalleled reliability and efficiency.

Train carrying shipping containers passing through forrest in the mountains.


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